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Jurujenta Enterprise, a history since 1990 is an outstanding distributor and supplier of contractors’ equipment. Located in Jalan Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, our company offers all about concrete solution range such as Diamond Blades, Milling and Grinding, Grouting Pumps and other myriads of equipment for concrete solution.


Our products comprehensively line up variety of concrete equipment, i.e. for concrete cutting, coring and repairs, various types of diamond blades, floor milling and other construction machineries for all your construction needs. Our 24 years of history bears our strong records, and our innovation and commitment to the industry. 

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Flat Floor Tools 1

  • FL-Magic Screed Vibrator
  • FL Power Screed 

Flat Floor Tools 2

Bump Cutter
Special Features:
* cuts bumps and fill low areas after the concrete slad has been floated with this extruded magnesium tool. 

D-2"x H-4"x L-8'
D-2"x H-4"x L-10'
D-2"x H-4"x L-12'

Flat Floor Tools 2

Channel Float
Special Features:
*checked to exact flatness tolerances, this tool is used in place of traditional bull float for flatter floor. 

D-4"x H-2"x L-8'
D-4"x H-2"x L-10'
D-4"x H-2"x L-12'

Grase Lubrication

  • MTR- 35W
  • MTR- 605
  • MTR- 80HR
  • MTR- 120 

Floor Equipment 1

FL 250 Heavy Duty Stone Grinder
Length (Including Handle): 1660mm
Width: 440mm
Height: 1000mm
Weight: 100kg
Ballast Weight: 5.6kg
Rotation Speed: 780 r.p.m.
Motor Voltage: 415 v
Motor Power: 4 H/P

Floor Equipment 2

Milling Machine With Petrol Engine
Cutter Head Speed: 1,833 r.p.m.
Working Width of Cutter: 185mm
Working Distance From Wall: 50mm
*With Edger Attachment: 5mm
Total Weight: 72kg
Weight of Cutter c/w TCT Blade: 8kg
Engine: ROBIN EY-20
Engine Speed: 3,600 r.p.m

Floor Equipment 3

Milling Machine With Electric Motor
Cutter Head Speed: 1,753 r.p.m.
Working Width of Cutter: 185mm
Working Distance From Wall: 50mm
*With Edger Attachment: 5mm
Total Weight: 80kg
Electric Motor: -
Single Phase: 230v
Three Phase: 415v - 4 H.P/3 Kw
Motor Speed: 2,870 r.p.m

Floor Equipment 4

  • FLEGP- 100 Engine Grout Pump
  • FLGP- 100 Grout Pump
  • Concrete Cutter